Facility Components

Livestock Layout

Equestrian Layout


  • 124' x 252' arena
  • Roping boxes on opposite end of arena from speed event alley
  • 52' x 92' Warm-up pen and adjoining the speed event alley
  • Speed event alley is 14'  x 28' and is roughly centered on the arena
  • Staging area for riders to get under cover during inclement weather or out of sun on hot days

  • 52' x 92' show ring
  • 124' x 252' arena can accommodate steers or can be set up for multiple show rings
  • 299 swine, sheep, goat pens

  • 72 thousand square feet under one roof
  • Arena
  • Warm-up pen/show ring
  • Livestock barn
  • Commercial kitchen and serving counters
  • BBQ pit
  • Downstairs office and upstairs announcer stand
  • Nature trail, bird blind, picnic area COPE challenge course